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What’s Wrong With Insurance Information On The ‘Net?

Let The Buyer Beware
The Internet is proving itself to be an explosive and revolutionary player in the Age Of Information. Many different types of business are taking advantage of this medium, with its connection to savvy, technologically astute consumers, as a way to promote insurance products. As we all peer over our glasses at the 21st century, it bears repeating – “Let the buyer beware.”

What Is The Danger?
Actually, perhaps no more than any business transacted via any other medium such as in person, via phone, catalog, wholesale club, etc. BUT, the need for being a careful consumer is critical to whatever medium is being used. The other problem is that seeing information published gives the information a higher level of credibility than it may be due; this Includes the information you’re currently reading. Our advice is to be certain of the information you get before acting on that information. Although it’s true that ten sources of information can give you ten different answers, it’s preferable to seek and sort out different grains of truth than to have blind faith in a single source.

Why Is There Danger?
There are numerous reasons. The internet holds many wonders, but it also provides many opportunities for acquiring information that may be useless and even harmful. Any prudent individual should remember the following:

* It is often impossible to verify who has posted the information and whether the source has any expertise in the subject matter
material that appears on the net may be presented as facts when they’re actually opinions
* The information may be accurate for one purpose or set of circumstances, but it doesn’t tell you how the information applies to other situations; at the very least, it should contain some kind of disclaimer
* No credible party may have taken responsibility for keeping the information accurate and current
*  The person or organization that posted the information may possibly have a criminal intent
*  Often internet publishers forget that the medium is global and they may be using information that is for a specific group or geographic location.

So Is This Information Any Good? 
That depends upon what you do next. When seeking information to meet your insurance needs it’s important to discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable source. A professional insurance agent is a good source for getting the answers you need to fit your unique coverage situation.

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