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Get the Advantage with American Advantage Insurance Group

About American Advantage Insurance GroupAbout Us

American Advantage Insurance Group was founded in 1995 by five insurance agencies that shared one common vision. By working together, these insurance agencies could better serve their customers by providing broader market opportunities while also supporting a number of contracts beyond the capability of a stand-alone agency. Combining their assets together helped the agencies achieve broader business goals and provide better service to their customers.

Since then, American Advantage Insurance Group has established itself as a significant player within the insurance industry, representing more than 40 carriers across multiple agency locations and boasting more than $60 million in premium volume. Our goal is to partner with other like-minded insurance agencies to increase market access and heighten revenue.

At American Advantage, we see the benefits of strength in numbers. By forming partnerships with other agencies, we can offer a wide selection of carriers for our customers, more opportunities and resources for our agents and an overall better customer experience. Get the Advantage today!

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